Wednesday, October 24, 2012


And Cross is Here

    The season has started off quite busy with recovering from injury, college classes, and enjoying a little time home from a long season of racing. The first few weeks back to from a 2 week break was super ruff. I felt like I lost a ton of fitness and was feeling off on the bike. After about 2 weeks, a drastic change occurred overnight. I headed off to one of the weekly crits, after getting dropped in the last 2, I all of a sudden found myself breaking away from the field. I was riding stronger than I had all year long. With CrossVegas a week away and my form coming back, I couldn’t wait for the season to start. I wanted to get one super fun and chill race in before the travel started again, so three days before Vegas, I raced a 50 mile single speed race that left me toasted. Unfortunately, this resulted in crappy legs for Vegas and me lasting only 3 laps. Not the ideal way to start the season! But my head was in the right place, and I had a blast. 

    This gave me a few weeks at home till the USGP in Fort Collins. I also received all my goodies from my sponsors and it was like Christmas. With two new amazing BH RX CX bikes, Hammer Nutrition that gets be dialed, and all new Rotor Rings that will give me that extra edge in each pedals stroke.  After putting in some very hard training weeks, I was dialed. The Fort Collins course was so techy, muddy, and punchy, perfect for me. I started in the last few rows in a field of 100 people, so my day pretty much consisted of moving up. Great practice on pacing and pushing myself in the elevation. At the end of the day I moved up quite nicely and was ready to do all again.

    Day two was a dramatic change that consisted of warm weather, and cement like dirt. Along with a little better call up, I also brought some amazing legs to race. The first lap was filled with traffic that I was somehow flying by. I was coming threw the last corner on the first lap when I nailed the ground out of nowhere. I jumped back up and threw my chain back on only to also notice that my tire had come unglued. To top it off, I had just passed the pit, which meant my day was over. Super bummer that my race ended so early with such great legs on tap, but luckily the CX season is long and awesome. After the race we hit up the amazing Tokyo Joes and ate some serious food, and of course we followed it up with a little post race FroYo!

Hammer Nutrition