Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spooky Cross Irvine California two for two weekend

         I drove up to Irvine (So Cal) Friday afternoon with Tj Woodruff and his new wife Chole which was a blast. I got to the race course at about 8pm and hopped on the bike to get a few laps in. The course was super rad. I was a little bummed considering that I practiced my barrier bunny hopping the last few weeks only to find the barriers here at the minimum distance which meant a no bueno on my bunny hop chances. Besides that the course was killer.

         The first day I raced jr elite then cat 1/ pro non uci race the following day. The jr race was stelar. I had a few Guys in there that I usually raced on the mtb bike that I knew where super fast and give me a run for my money. I was stoked to get the chance to rock my new Hammer nutrition skin suit and 2012 rx1 BH cross bike. I had it all going for me and it was just up to me to have the legs. As soon as the gun went off I clipped in right away thanks to my new crank bros candy pedals and was able to get the whole shot. By the end of the first lap it was another kid and I in the lead group with a man only ten or so seconds back. I was handling the techy corners better than the guy I was with and in one of the sketchiest corners he went down allowing me to get a fifteen or so second gap which I was able to add on as the came to an end.  It's always hard being off on the front by yourself time trailing trying to stay away. Luckily, I was able to hold them off and get the win. My new pre race nutrition of hammer race cap supreme an hour before the race along with a warm up bottle with hammer fizz lemon lime flavor gave me the perfect power for the race. Also, I talking to TJ before the race and changed my warm up routine helped me feel amazing right of the bat. Super thanks goes out the Mr. Tj for the perfect pre race  formula. I knew if I just applied this knew perfection pre race for tomorrow i would be golden.

          On Sunday I raced the cat 1/ pro non UCI and it was amazing. It would be my first cat 1 race and I was stoked. With a pretty stacked field I knew I'd have to do something special. With the race being somewhat overcast yet sunny, I went with my transition lens for my Oakley radars. They Had to be the ultimate choice for the day giving me that extra edge. Once again I got a great start and hit the first corner second wheel eventually passing second and broke away from the field. After two laps it was just two of us with a fifteen second gap on third and twenty on fourth. Once again I was stronger on the acceleration and techy parts, but had to work on the flat. The whole race we went back and forth. I found I was a bit faster on the sand run and considered it to be my last lap attack section. On the last lap I did just that, I didn't drop him, but put some major hurt on him.  With three corners to go I was right on his wheel and with two corners two go I made a super gnarly move/ past on his inside causing some super contact and elbow battling and some how came out on top and got the gap. As crazy as it was, I was able to get the win again. It was insanity. I defiantly have to through a huge thanks out to Oakley, Hammer nutrition, BH bikes, Shimano, and Crank brothers.  Also a huge thanks goes out to TJ Woodruff for helping me with my new warm up plan causing my legs to feel absolutely amazing. That guy defiantly knows what he's talking about. Next stop, AZ Cross #1!!!

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