Tuesday, December 4, 2012


The Journey

    Last Thursday and Friday can basically be summed up with three words, study, pack, and recover. My first finals of college were underway as well as getting ready for what was sure to be an amazing rainy weekend in LA. After I knocked out some finals and was dialed for the weekend, we then make the nice 6 hour drive to LA where we found ourselves unable to pre ride the course. It was so caked in mud that we could literally not ride for more than a half minute or so without having to scrape of ten pounds of mud from our bikes. 

     After a short pre ride, we headed to our killer hotel. We were staying at the JW Marriott on d-town right by LA Live where there was always something going down. The next morning we shared the elevator with the head coach of the LA Galaxy on our way to grab some coffee, only to then find ourselves getting distracted while passing by the outside ice skating girls that were totally checking us skinny cycling guys out. After a day of chilling at the hotel, it was off to the races.

Day 1

    It was pouring rain and I couldn’t have been happier. I don’t know if it’s because I have ridin in sandy trails growing up in AZ, but I always do well in the muddy rain. I lined up about mid pack and was ready to rock. The gun went off and before I knew it I was pinned up against the fence on the right side due to someone tipping over on the start.... REALLY?!?! So after being 10 seconds down before I even crossed the start line, I went all out to make up for lost ground. After an hour of muddy bikes and eyes, I ended up on the podium in U23 and about mid pack overall. Given the day, I was 
pretty stoked on the outcome.
Day 2  

    1 o’clock the next day, we were at it again. After finishing the race at 9:30pm and going to bed after midnight the day prior, we all were feeling a tad sore. I took some Hammer RaceCaps and then hit the rollers for a long spin to open up the legs, and before I knew it, I was ready for an hour of pain once again. This time I got a much better start. It seemed like I was the only one to not bonk during the race considering I dropped/ passed about 10 guys half way threw the race. The end of the race consisted of me battling for a top 3 in U23 only to finish just off in 4th. Just didn’t quite have the finishing kick, but the form has really come along. I then jumped in the car after the race and made the 6 hour drive home, of course being fueled by a little in and out burger on the way. Now, its home for a few days before I fly out to Bend for the last USGP. Let do it!

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