Thursday, July 3, 2014


(Overall Quick Summery if your short on time)
     Well, the last two weeks have not been quite as planned. I got the Flu after NorthStar, had one day of healthy greatness, then immediately got a Knee infection and all of a sudden I found myself with two weeks of little to no riding, and nationals were just days away. Some say cycling is 80 percent physical and 20 percent mental, but I have found the mind to be much more of a factor than that. You always have to find the positives in the worst of situations. I of course didn't want to be off the bike that much right before Nationals, but it allowed me to take a mid-season rest period, as well as provide me with the hungry to want to go out and train and just simply ride again. When you start racing in January, a break is certainly a necessity. So with over two months of the season left, I am once again very hungry to crush every ride and get that NCC podium I have been searching for all season. I used the National RoadRace today as pack back/ thank you to my teammates who have helped me in many crits this year and I will be racing the crit with the hope that my legs come back from the two weeks of downtime for the top three result that I had originally planned on at the beginning of the season. For now, I will be resting the next two days after what was a very hard road race in which I did what I could for my Teammates on a very hilly course, finish my three antibiotic medications, and try to avoid playing mini basketball against my friends at our host house! FYI, my teammate Carson took 7th today!!! BALLER!!!

(More Details Below)
     So getting a Knee Infection isn't fun contrary to popular belief. We are not sure I cut my knee while doing kick ass Flips off the diving board, or got bit by a spider that was having a bad day. Regardless, my knee swelled up and riding became painful and impossible. So after many days just purely on the catch taking three antibiotics and 15 hours of sleep a day, it healed and I was back… with only four days till nationals, but it could be worse. I spent the next days stoked out of my mind just to ride a bike! With Crits Nationals on Sunday, Idaho NCC the weekend after, Cascade the following tuesday, and Gateway cup at the end of August, I couldn't be more excited for whats to come! Just no more Knee Infections!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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